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ARB Databases_

  • If you download databases using windows, only download the .gz files! Otherwise the file will be corrupted.

A central directory of ARB databases available on the web can be found at ARB database central.
We encourage you to share your work with others and to publish a link to your own database there.

ARB releases_

Change log

Change log

  • NOTE
  • Don't ask - there IS no version for Windows
  • HINT
  • Linux-Requirements: A recent version of Linux (based on libc 6).

    To detect which version you have type 'ldd /bin/su'. If shows up you have a version based on libc 6.

Hardware Requirements _

ARB can be quite hungry for memory, depending on the database.
Please have a look at the ARB hardware requirements.

Installation instructions_

First, go through the readme:

Then choose version to install from this page.
Click on the respective link and download the following files: : Installation script
arb-*.tgz : ARB program (choose one of the provided versions, not all!)

Once you have downloaded these files, put them into a directory, open a console window in that directory and run the "" script there.
Answer the queries to install the "ARB program".
Happy ARBing!

  • Do not uncompress and untar arb.tgz directly, instead, use the install script (!

ARB ports_

ARB versions in this section are maintained by ARB users

Mac OSX: Initial port by Ben Hines and Mike Dyall-Smith. Mike also maintains the ARB for Mac OS X page.
Since 2008 ongoing mac ports by Matt Cottrell. We included Matts build instructions into the ARB tarball (and online at arb_OS_X_MacPorts.txt and arb_OS_X.txt).

Debian Distribution: UNTESTED and/or EXPERIMENTAL version of ARB is available as Debian package and the same can be downloaded here.
Debian version is maintained by Andreas Tille.

Latest builds_

You may as well try one of the latest development builds - but please notice that

  • These versions are untested builds from our developers and may be completely broken!
    Do not use without backing up your databases.

Check out the newest features and bugfixes listed in upcoming changes.
Please test these features and report problems.

You may download the latest development builds from the arb-silva ftp server.
Builds there are sorted by year and build number and you'll find two general kinds of development builds:

build-XXX using motif (like release does)

gtk-build-XXX using gtk (still not fully supporting everything)

Both versions approx. provide the same functionality.


Please access the source using our SVN-repository or if you just wanna look, simply browse the source.
You´ll also find a tarball (arbsrc.tgz) in every build.
See also: Instructions to compile ARB from source (on Ubuntu).

  • NOTE
  • If you make changes to the source code and think the public should benefit from them, please send a diff against the latest SVN version (instructions howto do this can be found here).