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since then continuously delivered arb-versions
22 Aug 2016 arb-6.0.6 released (bugfix/maintenance)
4 May 2016 arb-6.0.5 released (bugfix/maintenance)
19 Nov 2015 arb-6.0.3 released (bugfix/maintenance)
8 Aug 2014 arb-6.0.2 released (bugfix/maintenance)
22 Jul 2014 arb-6.0.1 released (bugfix/maintenance)
4 Jun 2014 arb-6.0 released (major release)
9 Apr 2014 arb-6.0-rc1 released (release candidate for upcoming arb6 major release)
15 Nov 2012 arb-5.5 released (bugfix/maintenance/replaces broken arb-5.4)
10 Nov 2011 arb-5.3 released (bugfix/maintenance)
5 Sep 2010 arb-5.2 released (bugfix/maintenance)
1 Oct 2009 arb-5.1 released (bugfix)
4 Sep 2009 arb-5.0 released (major release)
7 Dec 2007 ARB released
30 Jul 2007 ARB bug tracker
12 Feb 2007 ARB-Silva databases online
22 Aug 2003 Beta version for Linux
12 Jun 2002 New SSU database released
3 Mar 2002 Internal arb help available online
7 Nov 2001 Beta versions released for Linux and Solaris
30 Aug 2001 Created a Mailinglist for Arb-Users
24 Jul 2001 Beta Version released for Linux

Extended workshops, further support and a ready to use Linux and ARB Installation CD are offered by Ribocon a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen.

ARB Mailing List _

The arb_users mailing list is a good source for news about ARB.
New releases will be announced in this list and you can talk to many sophisticated ARB users there.
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