Here you find the publications related ARB Project. You can see the abstract of the paper by clicking on ABSTRACT. If you want to read or download full paper, you can click on FULLTEXT or PDF link.

Year 2011

Westram, R., Bader, K., Prüße, E., Kumar, Y., Meier, H., Glöckner, F.O., and Ludwig, W. ARB: a software environment for sequence data. In: (F.J. de Bruijn, ed.) Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches, 2011, Wiley-Blackwell.

Year 2007

Prüße, E., Quast, C., Knittel, K. Fuchs, B.M., Ludwig, W., Peplies, J., Glöckner, F.O. SILVA: a comprehensive online resource for quality checked and aligned ribosomal RNA sequence data compatible with ARB. Nucleic Acids Research 35, 2007, 7188-7196. [ABSTRACT |PDF]

Year 2006

Yadhu Kumar, Ralf Westram, Peter Kipfer, Harald Meier and Wolfgang Ludwig. Evaluation of sequence alignments and oligonucleoatide probes with respect to three-dimensional structure of ribosomal RNA using ARB software package. BMC Bioinformatics, 2006, 7:240. [ABSTRACT |PDF]

Year 2005

Yadhu Kumar, Ralf Westram, Sebastian Behrens, Bernhard Fuchs, Frank Oliver Glöckner, Rudolf Amann, Harald Meier and Wolfgang Ludwig. Graphical representation of ribosomal RNA probe accessibility data using ARB software package. BMC Bioinformatics, 2005, 6:61. [ABSTRACT |PDF]

Ludwig, W. Bioinformatics and web resources for the microbial ecologist. In: Osborn, A. M., Smith, C. J. editors. Molecular microbial ecology, 2005, Abingdon: Taylor and Francis, p. 345-371.

Year 2004

Wolfgang Ludwig, Oliver Strunk, Ralf Westram, Lothar Richter, Harald Meier, Yadhukumar, Arno Buchner, Tina Lai, Susanne Steppi, Gangolf Jobb, Wolfram Förster, Igor Brettske, Stefan Gerber, Anton W. Ginhart, Oliver Gross, Silke Grumann, Stefan Hermann, Ralf Jost, Andreas König, Thomas Liss, Ralph Lüßmann, Michael May, Björn Nonhoff, Boris Reichel, Robert Strehlow, Alexandros Stamatakis, Norbert Stuckmann, Alexander Vilbig, Michael Lenke, Thomas Ludwig, Arndt Bode and Karl-Heinz Schleifer. ARB: a software environment for sequence data. Nucleic Acids Research, 2004, 32(4):1363-1371. [ABSTRACT |FULLTEXT |PDF]

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